Pick-your-own-path and mingle with people in an educational movie-game of picking up, socializing, and drinking. It starts by you playing the role of a single guy walking into a party. The action is seen from the user's point-of-view as you directly interact with characters in this motion picture quality video experience. As the night progresses, you choose which women to approach and what to say. A built in sipping function allows you to sip alcohol and register a buzz-o-meter. Drunken adventures await you if you drink too much. Win or lose, players will actually be able to learn strategies and tactics to successfully approach women in real life. Finally the night ends with some drama and leaves you with an ultimately important decision.


Ruiz De La Vega
Age: 44
Profession: Artist
Turn On: Himself
Turn Off: Conversations unrelated to him

Ruiz was born and raised in the small village of Albelda in northern Spain. After tax complications, trouble with the local law and mob affiiliation, he closed his imitation Persian rug dealership and fled the country. He’s been an abstract artist for the last two years, six months after arriving to America.

Age: 33
Profession: Information Technology
Turn On: Comic books
Turn Off: Girls who read tabloid magazines

Dexter is an IT guy who gets random job assigned to him thru a local temp agency. His ex-wife left him after getting her green card. Although slightly jaded, Dexter is a romantic at heart and searches for Mrs. Right in every women he meets.

Stefani & Eve – a.k.a The Valley Girls
Ages: 26, 24
Profession: Both work at the same law firm
Turn On: Bad Boys
Turn Off: Timid Guys

Eve & Stefani love to party. They’re saving money to move to the west side and go clubbing all the time. They go for bad boys who leave them with broken hearts. The more you ignore them, the more they like you. And, as a side note … they are totally consumed by social media and posting selfies of themselves whenever possible.

Julienne Dubois
Ages: 35
Profession: Gallery Manager
Turn On: Culture
Turn Off: Poor Manners

Julienne has put this event together and invited a nice mix of people. She’s a hard working, charismatic woman with great ambition. All is good in her life, except the uncertainty she feels towards her boyfriend Bruce. She’s not sure if he’s been faithful to her.

Age: 31
Profession: Dancer
Turn On: Anything dangerous
Turn Off: Shy guys

Laney is a dental hygienist by day and a dancer by night. She has a chip on her shoulder and likes to date bad boys. A far cry from her personality back in high school as a timid and nerdy science student.

Age: 25
Profession: Art
Turn On: Philosophy
Turn Off: Guys who stare

Qristen was born in the late 80’s to parents who were inspired by the second coming of the hippy movement. She’s a deep thinker and prefers intimate conversations with smaller groups over large gatherings. To win her over, you can’t rely on good looks or cheesy pick up lines. You have to be charming, sincere, and passionate.

Deanna De Long
Age: 38-ish
Profession: Account Manager
Turn On: Energetic young guys
Turn Off: Frugal People

Deanna is the ultimate Cougar. She’s very sexual and likes her men young. She works by day and parties at night. Not one for tradition or conservative behavior, except when it comes to her spoiled 20 year old son who lives at home.

Age: 28
Profession: Escrow Assistant
Turn On: Sense of humor
Turn Off: Public burping

Claire recently moved into town from Ontario, Canada. She recently got out a long-term relationship and is ready to mix and mingle again, but doesn’t want to settle or play the single scene. A night of mingling at the gallery might be just the place to find Mr. Right.

Age: 30
Turn On: Confidant girls
Turn Off: Girls who play it safe

Jesse oozes confidence in every circumstance he’s in. He’s the object of desire for girls, and a coach to those who can use some tips on picking up. Knowing he can get any girl at any time, his biggest rush comes from people watching, judging, and critiquing.

The Guys
Age: Early 30’s
Profession: Unemployed
Turn On: Hot girls
Turn Off: Vegetarians

Connor is ambitious, Will is funny, and Harper is the horniest of the bunch. They’re high school friends of Julienne from back home. While out here on vacation, Julienne invited them to the evening festivities. However, she warned them to be on their best behavior. If anything goes wrong, she would pretend they are stranger to avoid the embarrassment.



  1. Can this be a multi-player game?
    1. It’s a single-player experience, like watching a movie, but you’re a character  involved in the story.
  2. Is there a story?
    1. Yes with a beginning, middle, and end.
  3. How long is this experience?
    1. There's over three hours of original video content with over 600 clips. 
  4. Is it a game?
    1. It’s a movie/game hybrid with gaming elements including detailed scoring and achievement milestones.
  5. If the app crashes, can I pick up where I left off?
    1. Like other good apps, infrequent crashes happen. Yes, you can pick up where you left off by clicking CONTINUE. However, your path history from the back-button in video controls will be cleared.
  6. What's the best way to share with my friends?
    1. Tap on the screen during game play, click on SHARE. You can email, text, or share on your favorite social media outlet.  
  7. What's the best way to evaluate my progression and play?
            1. Quick way is during video play. Click on icon in lower right corner of screen. Full stats are available on the MENU page in the lower right corner as well.
  8. What if I want to play locked scenes?
    1. Tap on it the scene image. A message box will ask if you want to play scenes out of order. Proceed if you want to jump around the storylines.
  9. What is the logic of the scenes offered at the end of a storyline?
    1. This is a customized filtering system that offers storylines and scenes relevant to your progression so far. 
  10. What is the purpose of the 3-second countdown in the red circle?
    1. It's an aspect of the game-play that lets you time your sipping function with others toasting with you.
  11. Sometimes I revisit decisions I’ve played but the green check marks don’t appear?
    1. The system registers visited decisions with green check-marks when the corresponding video that follows is played to completion. 
  12. At The bar, what happens if I keep ordering drinks?
    1. If you select a drink you’ve already ordered, you just drink for the next two selections. On the 4th try, the bartender cuts you off. 
  13. Why are videos interrupted sometimes when I tap the drink icon?
    1. That means you’ve had too much to drink and spiraled into drunk mode. There are a series of situations that rotate based on how often you go overboard.
  14. After a drunken experience, where do I go?
    1. The scenes selection offered at the bottom are customized to put you where you left off in the journey.


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